Our Inplant Training objective is to polish the knowledge, gained through academics, using the best industry practices thereby transforming students to professionals.

Inplant Training and Internships

To enrich the practical knowledge of the students, almost all the universities and colleges insist the students to offer the in-plant training. In-plant training plays a major part in student's career in making them to understand how the industry is functioning and helps them to understand the organization structure. This training makes them to learn the trends and technologies applied in the industry. When a student is entering into an organization he/she can understand the roles and responsibilities and they can themselves mould to fit themselves in the growing competition.

Knowledge base is not just enough for a professional career. There is a necessity to focus on some special aspects which make you more worthy and useful for professional career. These skills include personal skills, human skills and managerial skills. These skills actually decide your success in both personal and professional life. It also helps you to improve your job performance and quality of work and to rise up to managerial position and building up a successful team. Knowledge and attaining of these skills can lead to a successful professional career for fresh students.

Internships is one of the major key in today's economy. Internships can teach you more about what you do AND what you don't want to do. No one's career path is a straight line. At Pristine InfoSolutions, Internships are a unique opportunity that you will never again encounter throughout your career. Internships is considered as the most important thing that employers look for when evaluating a recent college graduates. Thus with the special emphasis on additional focus such as soft skills we try to develop the over-all personality of the students so that they will be more efficient and effective than others when they go for their first job-interview. Most employers rank interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills above technical aptitude. There's no better way to acquire these skills than to jump into a corporate environment. Apply now and be more mature, more confident, and a better candidate for your next full-time job.

Key Benefits:

  • The opportunity to "test drive" your career.
  • Gaining a "real world" experience.
  • Establishing relationships with mentors.
  • Accumulating INVALUABLE soft skills.
  • Acquire Corporate skills.
  • Face challenges of global career.